Button Bar


We set up our books and press buttons for your guests as if they’re ordering from a bar. There is no alcohol involved, just customized one-of-a-kind buttons and/or magnets that you get to take home with you! There will be an assortment of books/print materials chosen specifically for you, as well as printouts of any logos, photos or personal requests catered specifically for your event!

Button bars are perfect for Corporate Events, Christmas Parties & Weddings.

Time Length: 1.5 hours

Base fee: $500-$1000

Number of participants - up to 250 people

Time range - 1 to 4 hours

What Does a Button Bar Look Like?


We Set Up Shops

We come to you! We will bring all the supplies needed and take care of the heavy lifting!


Guests Pick A Design

Guests take part in the process from beginning to end. They pick a design and cut it out.


Press Your Button

Now pop your design in the machine and press! If you're scared of the machine, we can do this part for you.

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