Street Fairs


Do you have an event on the streets that you think we would be perfect for? We have participated in Dundas West Fest, India Bazaar Street Fair, Bloorcourt Festival, Pedestrian Sundays with the Kensington Flea & Many more!

If you would like us to press buttons at your BIA street fairs, Music Festivals, Concerts and anything in between, feel free to be in touch!

Time Length: 4 to 12 hours

Base fee: $500-$1000

# of Facilitators: 2+

Other Info: N/A

What Does a Street Fair Look Like?


We Set Up Shops

We come to you! We will bring all the supplies needed and take care of the heavy lifting!


Guests Pick A Design

Guests take part in the process from beginning to end. They pick a design and cut it out.


Press Your Button

Now pop your design in the machine and press! If you're scared of the machine, we can do this part for you.

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